Vidhi 29-10-2019 Polimer tv Serial

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Vidhi-Polimer tv Serial

Watch Vidhi Polimer tv serials 29.10.19 | Polimer TV serial Vithi 29/10/19 Latest Today Episode Online
Vidhi 29-10-2019 Polimer tv Serial | 29-10-2019 Vidhi Polimer tv serials | Polimer Tv Vithi 29th October 2019
Directed By : Dipak Vithoba Chauhan
Produced By : Ekta Kapoor Shobha Kapoo
Written By : Chloe Ferns Qureshi Sujhata Rao
Cast : Pearl V Puri, Aparna Dixit, Devika Singh, Aashish Kaul, Sudha Chandran, Ekta Sharma, Manoj Chandila, Tanvi Thakkar, Adhik Mehta, Mehak Ghai, Mahira Sharma, Sachin Parikh, Chitrapama Banerjee

Polimer tv Serials, Vidhi

Polimer tv Serial Vidhi 29th October 2019

The story begins on the wedding day of Raghbir and Misha, his childhood friend. Raghbir, still in love with Baani, is reminiscing their relationship and keeps having nightmares about her accident when a railing gave way and Baani fell to her death. A woman called Sukanya Raisinghania appears at the wedding claiming Raghbir married her in London. Though Raghbir denies this, the wedding is called off. Raghbir enlists the help of a young girl called Pragati who works at his office to find out the truth behind Sukanya. As they discover Sukanya’s lies, Pragati and Raghbir end up married due to a series of events. However, Raghbir tells Pragati that he is still in love with Baani.

Pragati soon sees mysterious things in the house and encounters Baani’s spirit one day. Pragati learns that Bani was pregnant at the time of her death and her death was not accidental as someone from Raghbir’s family tampered with the railing. Pragati falls in love with Raghbir. Sanket finds important information and goes to inform Pragati but meets with an accident and dies. Pragati suspects Baani’s murderer to be behind Sanket’s accident. Pragati finds the gloves of the murderer in the basement. She is shocked when she finds them to be Raghbir’s gloves. Pragati also finds a tape recorder which has a recording of Raghbir saying that he will kill Baani. Soon, it is revealed that Pragati is Baani. Baani didn’t die but had to undergo a plastic surgery due to the accident. She returned as Pragati to get her revenge.

Category: Polimer tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials, Vidhi,

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