Subramaniapuram 11-06-2020 Jaya tv Serial-Episode 116

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Subramaniyapuram – Jaya tv Serial

11-06-2020 Subramaniyapuram Jaya TV Subramaniyapuram 11.06.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Subramaniyapuram 11/06/2020 Jaya TV Serial 11th June 2020
Watch Subramaniyapuram Jaya tv serials 11.06.20 | Jaya TV serial Subramaniyapuram 11/06/20 Episode Online
Subramaniyapuram 11-06-2020 Jaya tv Serial | Jaya Tv Subramaniyapuram 11th June 2020

Jaya tv Serials, Subramaniyapuram

Jaya tv Serial Subramaniyapuram 11th June 2020

The story dealing with supernatural and mystery revolves around a village named Subramaniyapurum, which is a cursed village.
During their journey, they come across a lot of unsolved mystery and uncommon happenings in the village. Mysterious deaths, gold hunt ,they also come across “Siddhas Powers” who live in the forest and helps them find the statue which is hidden deep inside the forest.
How hero finds the statue, how he gets the medicine which is hidden under the statue to cure his dad, how he brings back the statue to the village and how he relives the people of Subramaniyapuram from their curse is the main plot of the serial “SUBRAMANIYAPURAM”

Category: Jaya tv Serials, Subramaniyapuram, Tamil TV Serials,

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