Santhiya 26-09-2019 Colors Tamil tv Serial

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Santhiya-Colors Tamil tv Serial

Watch Sandhya Colors tv serials 26.09.19 | Colors TV serial Sandhya 26/09/19 Latest Today Episode Online
Santhiya 26-09-2019 Colors Tamil tv Serial | 26-09-2019 Santhiya Colors Tamil tv serials | Colors Tv Sandhya 26th September 2019
Directed By : Santram Verma & Arshad Khan
Produced By : Balaji Telefilms
Written By :
Cast : Deepika Singh, Namik Paul), Vin Rana, Yogita Bihani, Hritu Dudani, Rushal Parakh, Mallika Nayak, Nidhi Shah, Deepali Kamath

Colors Tamil tv Serials, Santhiya

Colors Tamil tv Serial Santhiya 26th September 2019

Following the story of a young girl, Cupid brings to Sandhya her one true love and soul mate, Angad. In an unfortunate turn of events on the night of Mahashivarathri, an inauspicious hour unleashes the supernatural forces onto Sandhya’s life, which turns her world upside down and brings on impending doom. he show’s narrative highlights her terrifying encounters with the evil forces in her pursuit to protect her family. As she journeys across her mystical experiences, witness the spellbinding other-worldly elements.

The show depicts the Shiva temple in Dev Lali and the secret of mahashivratri beside a cremation ground where a single woman worship Lord Shiva in that temple at 4 am can see her future husband’s face. Evil spirits drift at this time. Twenty years after the disappearance of her paternal aunt, an unmarried woman, Sandhya winds up in the exact same temple where her aunt had disappearedthrough certain circumstances. There, she worships Lord Shiva, while being mesmerized by his dancing with goddess parvati and in return, he gets to watch her future husband’s face. In the mean time, she gets engaged with Angadher boss, but regrettably she meets a man whom Lord Shiva had destined to be her future husband, through her ring ceremony, the man is assumed to be Angad’s best friend Kapil.

This raises a lot of confusion in Sandhya’s mind. And on the other hand, she considers that Angad is in relationship with another woman. Meanwhile through the wedding rituals, Sandhya is continuously haunted by the spirits and ghosts stimulated by her in the temple, by which each time Kapil conserves her and instills Doubts in angada in her. Eventually, Sandhya decides to get married to Angad to test his devotion, but as matters had been destined by Lord Shiva, Sandhya gets married to Kapil. Nonetheless, it turns out that Kapil is a wicked been holding for the past thing with concealed motives of revenge that he’d been holding for the past couple of years. Sandhya becomes a Kawach for her love of all Kapil’s wicked Sandhya becomes a Kawach for her love of all shield and her love from Kapil.

Consequently, Sadhya and Angad wed each other, but sadly Kapil owns Angad’s body after their union. Will Sandhya becomes a Kawach for her love of all wicked??

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