Raja Rani 29-03-2019 Vijay tv Serial-Episode 492

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Raja Rani – Vijay tv Serial

Watch Raja Rani Vijay tv serials 29.03.19 | Vijay tv serial RajaRani 29/03/19 Latest Today Episode 492 Online
Raja Rani 29-03-2019 Vijay tv Serial | 29-03-2019 Raja Rani Vijay tv serials | Star VijayTv Rajarani 29th March 2019
Directed By : Praveen Bennet
Produced By : Venkatesh Babu, Global Villagers
Written By : Ke Apon Ke Por
Cast : Sanjeev, Alya Manasa, Pavithra, Rajya Lakshmi, Auditor Sridhar, M. J. Shriram, Eshwar, Sridevi

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Vijay tv Serials, Raja Rani

Vijay tv Mega Thodar Raaja Raani 29th March 2019 Episode 492

Rajaraani is a Tamil family show on Star Vijay. Circumstances lead Karthik to marry the maid of his family, Sembaruthi! Will Sembaruthi prove herself to be a deserving daughter-in-law?
After divyas exit karthi expresses his position by throwing things and that time only karthi’s mother realises her son was shattered. So she too become furious and goes against her husband and eventually against semba calling her as maid. The day precedes semba who don’t have expectations from karthi continues her work as maid. One day lakshmi’s friend comes to meet karthis wife without knowing reality and they make fun of whole family making maid as daughter in law. Humiliated lakshmi was triggered by archana and vadivu which makes lakshmi to call back divya. At the mean time rajasekar plans to conduct reception for new couple.No one supported his decision other than his brother,son in law, and youngest daughter. Their divya does drama where karthi taunts her in front of all people in reception and accepts sembaruthi as his wife. Then there is first night for karthi and semba. When they two were in room, karthi mother suffers from chest pain. Karthi panics and stays with his mother. . No one allows her to see lakshmi when she was in pain.Semba goes and sleep in room. Next morning semba does all other household chore
Now we will see in future how semba with the only support of rajasekar going to face entire family?
But circumstances changes.LAKSHMI begin to like semba and even karthik began to like her..
Rajashekar’s younger daughter vinodini and his elder daughters husband.too began to like her..

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