Pavithra 07-08-2019 Polimer tv Serial

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Pavithra – Polimer tv Serial

Watch Pavithra Polimer tv serials 07.08.19 | Polimer TV serial Pavithra 07/08/19 Latest Today Episode Online
Pavithra 07-08-2019 Polimer tv Serial | 07-08-2019 Pavithra Polimer tv serials | Polimer Tv Pavithra 07th August 2019
Directed By : Faheim inamdar Sayed, Shashank Bharadwaj
Produced By : Rajita Sharma,Vivek Budakoti
Written By : Rajita Sharma
Cast : Paridhi Sharma,Ashnoor Kaur,Bhanujeet Sudan,Hunar Hali,Anirudh Dave,Mohit Hiranandani,Anoop Puri,Poonam A. Sirnaik,Jazz Sodhi,Ashu Sharma,Rushita Vaidya,Bhawsheel Sahni,Saurabh Sharma

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Polimer tv Serials, Pavithra

Polimer tv Serial Pavithra 07th August 2019

The main characters of the show are Babita and Minie. Babita, a simple and down to earth woman who has a hard time overcoming self-doubt informed by years of being in an oppressive marriage and her fearless daughter, Minie, who doesn’t hesitate to beat up lecherous men in her neighborhood, a young girl she encourages her traditional mother to realize her worth and fulfill her dreams. The story line also shows how Babita learns to live her life on her own terms with her daughter when her egotistic husband Ashok cheats her for being with his business partner, Meeta, a nice and self-sufficient woman

Category: Pavithra, Polimer tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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