Jai Hanuman 25-09-2019 Sun tv Serial

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Jai Hanuman – Sun tv Serial

Watch Jai Hanuman Sun tv serials 25.09.19 | Sun TV serial Jaihanuman 25/09/19 Latest Today Episode Online
Jai Hanuman 25-09-2019 Sun tv Serial | 25-09-2019 Jai Hanuman Sun tv serials | Sun Tv Jaihanuman 25th September 2019

Sun tv Serials, Jai Hanuman

Sun tv Mega Thodar Jai Hanuman 25th September 2019

Its about Jai hanuman serial which says about the chronicles of veer hanuman who is the best friend of Lord Sri Raam In the Treta era, various events occur, including the defeat of demons by Lord Vishnu, which leads to the birth of positive and negative forces. One of the negative forces—the rise of demon dictator Ravana—plunges the universe into terror. The birth of God becomes necessary to eliminate the terror of Ravana, leading to the birth of two of the most powerful and mutually attached gods[clarification needed]: Shri Rama and Hanuman, sons of Ayodhya’s King Dashrath and the ape-headed King Kesari [clarification needed] respectively. As time passes, the two meet and become close friends. Hanuman is a celibate monkey, dedicated friend, and brave warrior. Shri Ram is an ideal human being and an excellent warrior, whose love for Hanuman knows no bounds[clarification needed]. Shri Ram asks Hanuman to perform worldly duties until the call of time. As time progresses, events described in Valmiki’s Ramayan take place [clarification needed]. During the war of Lanka, the war skills of human beings and monkeys (along with those of Shri Rama and Hanuman) lead to the end of demon warriors like Meghnad, Kumbhakarna, and Ravan. Shri Rama ultimately returns to Ayodhya, and Ramarajya comes into existence. As time passes, friendship between Shri Rama and Hanuman grows, but after many dramatic events Shri Rama—along with his co-incarnated fellows Laxman, Sita, and Bharat—leaves Earth. They leave Hanuman alone to serve mankind. As time passes, the Dwapar era arrives and Shri Rama, along with other Incarnated Souls, again reincarnates as Shri Krishna to protect Dharma. Shri Krishna forms an alliance with Pandavas, the five Moral Brothers, against their 100 immoral cousins, the Kauravas. The third Pandava, Arjuna, is a friend and follower of Krishna. Shri Krishna makes Hanuman realise that Shri Krishna and his friend Shri Rama are the same, and asks him to support him in his mission Hanuman does so, and the events of Mahabharata take place. Before the war, Pandavas (on the advice of Shri Krishna) invokes Hanuman to help him in the upcoming war. Hanuman blesses them and takes a place in Arjuna’s Chariot [clarification needed]. The sermon of Bhagavad Geeta and the 10 Days Battle of Kurukshetra take place, leading to a victory for Dharma.

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