Chithi 1 17-06-2020 Sun TV Raadhika Serial-Episode 58

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Chithi 1-Sun TV Raadhika Serial

17-06-2020 Sun TV Chithi 17.06.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Chithi 17/06/2020 Sun TV Serial 17th June 2020
Watch Chithi Sun tv serials 17.06.20 | Sun TV serial Chithi 17/06/20 Episode Online
Chithi 17-06-2020 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv 17th June 2020
Directed By : C. J. Baskar
Produced By : Radaan Mediaworks
Cast : Raadhika, Deepa Venkat, Sivakumar, Yuvarani Ravindra, Subhalekha Sudhakar

Sun tv Serials, Chithi

Vikatan tv Serial Chiththi 17th June 2020

Chithi is a serial based on women empowerment and the challenges face by women in India. The serial begins in a Brahmin society in Srirangam, Trichy. Ramachandran (Sivakumar), lives with his 7-year-old daughter Kaveri (Baby Hemalatha) and mentally challenged wife Vaidhegi. He has a best friend, Krishna (Subalekha Sudhakar), son of a box factory watchman. On the night of Karthigai Deepam, Vaidhegi drowns in the river, and at a same time, a woman (Radhika) is seen running and a few men chasing her with fire stick. They set her saree on fire and she jumps into the river. Vaidhegi is presumed dead and Kaveri longes for a mother’s love. She awaits for chithi (step-mum/aunt). Soon, she rescues the woman with the help of Krishna and Ramu. She starts calling her as chithi which creates chaos among the society people. The woman does not talk but Kaveri clings to her. Ramu gets irritated and in the end, to prove his stand he had no other choice but to accept the woman. The woman talks for the first time and reveals her name to be Sharadha. Krishna’s father passes away and both the friend leave for Madras to find job.

Category: Chithi, Sun tv Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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