Anjali 30-03-2019 Vijay tv Serial-Episode 30

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Kalyanamam Kalyanam – Vijay tv Serial

Watch Anjali Vijay tv serials 30.03.19 | Vijay tv serial Anjali 30/03/19 Latest Today Episode 30 Online
Anjali 30-03-2019 Vijay tv Serial | 30-03-2019 Anjali Vijay tv serials | Star Vijay Tv Anjali 30th March 2019
Directed By : Bramma.
Produced By :
Written By :
Cast : Pragya Nagra, Subramaniyan, Baby Adhitri Guruvayurappan, master S.T. Aswin

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Vijay TV Mega Thodar Anjali 30th March 2019 Episode 30 Review/Discussion:

Anjali is a specially challenged kid, Surya doesn’t want Kamali to know that she delivered twins. Hence, Surya hides this fact, separates the baby girl from the family and raises her all by himself.
Anjali and Karthik eventually get close without being aware that they are siblings. How did Anjali reunite with her family forms the crux of the story.

Category: Anjali, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay tv Serials,

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